Author: M. sc. Edvard Šefer, founder of Monku Jutsu, Martial art school of self-defense based on Kata forms. Senior PhD student on Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts under mentor Prof. Dr. W. Cynarski. Secrets of martial arts hidden in technical forms (Kata) of karate.

Title: Nai Han Chi (Tekki) Kata and Bunkai

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Key words: Naihanchi Kata bunkai, Tekki kata bunkai, Nicolaes Petter.


Nai Han Chi Kata is unique and most effective Kata created for defense where redirecting of attacker energy to pass by is not possible. This is best Kata for defense when attacker push defender to the wall. Any other use of this Kata bunkai have minor value. This techniques were already known in seventeen century Europa and taught by famous wrestler Nicolaes Petter before Bubishi book arose.

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