Author Name: Edvard Šefer
Occupation: Independent Consultant, Founder (Soke) of the Monku Jutsu Art Style of Self-Defense
Address: Edvard Šefer, Meniska vas 86, SLO-8350 Dolenjske Toplice (Slovenia)
Tel. 00386 41 671 316,
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Full article title: From Tang Shou to Kara Te
Key words: martial arts history, kata, karate, bunkai, self-defense


The primary aim of this study is to explain how the martial art of Tang Shou became the sport of Karate.

The materials and methods used for this research include a study of literature, old Chinese drawings, practical experience with Monku Jutsu, acupressure point fighting techniques, and history of kata forms.

The most significant result of this study is a historical explanation of how and why the martial art of self-defense became a sport in which two fighters attack each other.

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