Author: M. sc. Edvard Šefer, founder of Monku Jutsu, Martial art school of self-defense based on Kata forms. Senior PhD student on Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts under mentor Prof. Dr. W. Cynarski. Secrets of martial arts hidden in technical forms (Kata) of karate.

Title: Kata form perception.

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Key words: Tang shou, Karate, Kata Jion Bunkai, Self-defense, Qi Jiquang 32 verses, Bubishi


Most probably there are only two documents explaining Martial art of self-defense Qi Jiguang 32 verses from mid sixteen century and Bubishi from around 1.800AD. Author made both document explanation. Original name for this martial art is Tang shou and Mr. Funakoshi made explanation how he transferred this name to Karate. For author most important Tang shou teaching is Sun and the Moon hand that enables defender to redirect attacker’s energy to bypass. Author explains Sun and the Moon hand on first two actions of Jion Kata comparing Taji Kase- Gichin Funakoshi nearly century old explanation based on strong man approach and Ian Abernathy twenty-one century explanation based on sport approach. Author for explanation use teaching from 32 verses and Bubishi.

Complete article is available here as PDF document (976 Kb).