Dr. Edvard Sefer welcomes you!

It is good to see that you are interested in Kata Bunkai, and the forgotten and lost knowledge of 唐 Tang 手 shou art of selfdefense hidden in Kata.

The greatest value of Tang Shou is in the fact that it is not reserved for people who are young, six foot tall and full of muscles – it can be very effective even if you are not young, strong, talented and six foot tall. It is suitable for males or females – it is suitable for everybody!


Monk-style gives you explanation of Kata Bunkai, and how a smaller and weaker person can beat a bigger and stronger one.

To understand empty-hand self-defense you have to accept that nothing is as it looks and that nothing happens as you predict.

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Edvard Šefer also known as Edvard Sefer, Edward Schafer, Edward Schaffer and Edward Schaeffer.