Written by M.Sc. Edvard Šefer, founder of Monku Jutsu self-defense.
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Key Words: Qi Jiquang’s 32 verses, Bubishi 48 drawings, Kata Bunkai, Chinese five element-animal philosophy, Six Ji hands.


This article offers answers to questions about 唐 Táng Shǒu Martial art concerning topics such as:

  • When it originated?
  • Who was creator?
  • What is the purpose of this Martial art?
  • Whether or not there are any written documents about this art?
  • The existence of legends about this art.
  • Drawings explaining this art.
  • What we now know about this art?
  • Whether or not the name of this art is the only thing that remains from its long history.

Complete article is available here as PDF document (2.01 Mb).